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Honda Givi Fitting Kits and Luggage Racks

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Honda Givi Fitting Kits and Luggage Racks (Monolock, Monokey)

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GIVI offers the widest range of specific fitting systems on the market for mounting one, two or three cases. The GIVI fitting systems, besides having a stylish aesthetic appearance, are practical and guarantee security, reliability and ease of use. Combined with the specific mounting kits they can be fitted onto different motorcycle models.

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Givi Plates
Various solutions are available to combine a top case with motorcycle models having a standard carrier or adaptation available to accept a top case. Plates are a simple solution to enhance the functionality of the motorcycle.

A highly tested system for luggage and cases compatible with the whole range of GIVI MONOKEY and MONOLOCK cases. The Monorack arms are mounted to the motorcycle with a specific fitting kit. A joint set and plate are used to complete the carrier .Various plates are available dependant on the type of case required or bike model fitted.

Tubular case holder, allows the mounting of two side-cases without spoiling the motorcycle profile.

The new gamma di valigie Monokey® Side is fitted to the motorcycle through a new range of metal tubular side-case holders called PLX. The fins of the case are quickly connected to the holder and enable a secure fastening. The ergonomic design does not spoil the motorcycle profile and its simple structure allows you to carry out the assembling/disassembling operation quickly and easily.

WINGRACK is best in reliability and design thanks to its robust correlation weight-endurance-dimensions which is the result of the use of light alloys and aeronautics concepts. It can be combined with the specific fitting kits produced for each motorcycle model. Wing racks will also require a specific fitting kit for your motorcycle. These will be detailed in the drop down menus above.

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