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BMW DID Chain And Sprocket Kits

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BMW Motorcycle Chain And Sprocket Kits

BMW motorcycles will require one of the abovechain and sprocket  kits, just select your motorcycle from the first option, for example if you own an F650 ST(1999), select this option and from the second option you will have a choice of the 3 kits available (Original Equipment, Recommended Upgrade, Extreme Upgrade), select the quantity required and add to cart if you wish to purchase. More informaton about each kit is available below.

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warranty DID V / VA Original O Ring Chain 50V,530v,525v,520v. D.I.D's Professional O-Ring Series is a high quality O-Ring chain with excellent wear resistance. The V-Series is quad-stake riveted with solid bushings for long life. D.I.D Professional V-Series chain is a great value for money O-Ring chain and is to original equipment (OE) manufacturers specification on the majority of Japanese & Italian manufactured motorcycles.  In fact D.I.D chains are used as original equipment by Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki & Yamaha as well as Triumph, Ducati and Aprilia.

The D.I.D  O’ring series is also covered by the manufacturer’s warranty for a period of 1 year or 10,000 miles.


DID VX X'Ring Chain - 50VX, 520VX and 525VX

The OE DID chain and sprocket kit is a like for like replacement for your motorcycles original equipment.

Features include:

  • 1 Year Warranty or 10000 mile Warranty (which ever sooner)
  • Super Heavy Duty X-Ring
  • OE Grade

DID VX Gold X'Ring Chain - 50VX, 520VX & 525VX

This is by no means a pre-requisite but it is recommended to upgrade your chain and sprocket kit to something more durable.

Features Include:

  • 2 Year Warranty or 15000 miles warranty (which ever sooner)
  • Special oil seals produce 50% less friction and 50-100% longer wear life than standard o-ring kit
  • Features gold and black colour plates
  • Shot-preened parts
  • High cylindrical and roundness accuracy
  • Exacting tolerances provide low friction
  • Special oil seals produce 50% less friction  and 50-100% longer wear life than standard o-ring chain
  • Features gold and black colour plates
  • Solid rollers
  • Extended riveted bushing
  • Special alloy steel
  • Average tensile strength of 8,050 lbs

The X-Ring's four contact points greatly increase its sealing performance. This keeps the dirt out and the lubrication in much better than any other O-Ring. X-Ring's have the greatest wear resistance of any other type of O-Ring or non-O-Ring chain.

DID ZVM2 Super Heavy Duty Gold X'Ring Chain- 50ZVM2, 520ZVM2 & 525ZVM2

Features Include:

  • 2 Year or 25000 mile warranty
  • 40% Greater Wear Resistance (Compared With Original X-Ring)  
  • All X2-Ring Chains Are Available In Gold
  • Super Strong
  • Longest Wearing
  • Special oil seals produce  50% less friction and 50-100% longer wear life than standard O-ring kit
  • For 1000cc max big bike  applications
  • Average tensile strength of  8,550 lbs
  • DID Gold X'ring chain (cut to the correct length)
  • One Rivet Style Master Link

D.I.D's Professional sealed chains incorporate D.I.D's uniquely designed seal-rings which seal D.I.D's special "V" grease in the pin/bushing area and lock dirt out. They are expected to last at least ten times longer than ordinary construction standard chains without significant wear elongation under satisfactory maintenance.

D.I.D X-Ring chain is designed for today's high performance motorcycles. The patented X-Ring construction creates a chain that is low in friction and high in wear resistance. D.I.D's new X-Ring kit is used by top factory road race teams

A complete sprocket kit for maximum safety and chain life. Motorcycle chains have to operate in varied weather and road conditions and the daily mix of grit and dirt can grind on your chain.  That’s why leading motorcycle manufacturers choose DID brand with the longest life expectancy and the best power performance. Leading Manufacturers choose the D.I.D sprocket kits, with upgrades available,

After chain alignment, sprocket wear is the most significant reason for an early demise of a chain’s roller and pin links and the dangers that brings.

Caring for your BMW DID Sprocket And Chain Kits

Replacing the drive chain
There is a natural stretching of the drive chain to wear. The amount of stretch of a non sealed chain should not exceed 2.5% to 3% of the original chain length. Sealed chain stretch should not exceed 1% of its original length e.g.: 3/4" on a 110 link chain based on a chain with 5/8" pitch. Over these, the chain must be replaced along with the worn sprockets.

Motorcycle drive chains are exposed to dust, dirt, grime and other types of corrosive and erosive particles that can reduce their power transmission efficiency by more than 15% of their life to 1/100th of the chains that are correctly lubricated. In addition, regular lubrication puts a layer of oil between the roller and bushing to absorb the shock load.

Tension Adjustment
A drive chain that is too tight speeds up the wear by excessive pressure on the sprocket teeth, the chain joints and the gearbox main shaft bearings. A chain that is too loose will wear quickly and may have a whip action that can cause it to snap. A chain that is too tight or too loose will result in excessive elongation. Normal sag is about 3/4"

Sprocket Alignment
It is important to check sprockets periodically for wear. If wear occurs on one side of the sprocket teeth, it means there is misalignment, a condition which will result in a greatly reduced chain life. Check sprocket alignment visually by sighting across from the rear of the motorcycle or by placing a ruler or suitable straight edge against them to see if they are in the same place. Realign or replace as required

Maintenance of sealed Sprockets
External lubrication is recommended every 300 miles. Use paraffin oil for washing chains and NEVER use steam, thinners or solvent based products such as petrol and benzine. The amount of stretch should not exceed the points made in item 1. Where even one chain seal ring is missing or damaged the chain should be replaced.

When to replace
Bruises, rust, stiffness and damaged rings may all cause the chain to break. When finding any of these, it is recommended to replace the chain. It is also good practice to replace the sprockets when replacing the chain. If acid leaks from your battery onto the chain, it is recommended the chain is replaced as the acid will slowly reduce the strength of the chain.

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